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Networking without borders

Four countries fly the flag together with the regional brand Lake-Constance-four-county-region (VLRB)

Nowadays, different regions are often in competition with each other. However, the Lake Constance region is able to score with a holistic offer: in order to bundle the existing resources and position the Lake Constance region as a strong business location for the long term, the project "International Business Area Lake Constance" (IWB) was initiated in 2010.

14 partners from all four countries have joined forces and launched a joint marketing and communication offensive with the goal to provide the region with a strong inward and outward facing profile. From 2015, the IWB project has been run and further developed by BSM GmbH under the name "Vierländerregion Bodensee" (VLRB). On behalf of the project partners, we centrally manage the regional brand and are the key contact for the licensees.

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Four economic and four social systems

Cross borders in the international Lake-Constance-four-county-region

The VLRB is considered one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. It combines high-tech standards, inventive talent and innovative strength in four economically highly developed nations - Germany, Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Austria. The region is characterized by over 30 colleges and universities, which are networked with the many SMEs in the International University of Lake Constance (IBH). The VLRB is not only distinguished by its high economic potential, but also by its high quality of life and attractive surroundings. All this makes the VLRB a magnet for investors, innovators and developers.

VLRB is a strong region in rural areas
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Research project "Strategic cooperation regions in rural areas"

VLRB is a strong region in rural areas


Cooperating regions that combine their competencies in larger associations are prone to have more development potential. In the project "Strategic Cooperation Regions in Rural Areas", seven cooperation regions in rural areas were selected to be accompanied by application-oriented research over a period of two years. The VLRB is one of the regions selected by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

This research project examines the specific challenges faced by rural regions and which factors are critical to the development of approaches and solution strategies. A goal is to share key success factors so they could be applied by imitator regions.  

Through the powerful networking and exchange within the partner regions, the VLRB expects impulses, new approaches and strategies for regional management. Further networking meetings are planned in that regard. In these meetings, the cooperation regions are supposed to exchange information on specific topics and learn from each other.

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Overview of the project partners